Can you think of something that cannot be deep fried?

Nope, you can deep fry everything!
Yes, all veggies!
Food should never be fried!

Who is the statue at the State Fair?

Giant Tex
Big Tex
Texas Willie

What Texas Song involves four claps?

"Deep in the Heart of Texas"
"All my Ex's live in Texas"
"God Blessed Texas"

You find yourself in front of a field of bluebonnets and you:

Pick them out of the ground.
Stop and take a photo or a selfie.
Just pass by them.

When it comes to boots you have:

Not a single pair.
A pair for every occasion.
Just one pair.

Where is the two-story Whataburger?

Corpus Christi, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Brownsville, Texas

When it comes to breakfast, your go-to is:

Fruit smoothies.
Breakfast tacos.
I do not eat breakfast.

Which one is correct?

You all.
You guys.

Finish this sentence: The best tea is, ______.

Iced, with no sugar.
Iced, with sugar.
No tea.

Which is a Texan must have appetizer?

Chips & salsa
Frito pie
Fried ravioli